What Is Hometown Hawk • Social

Hometown Hawk • Social is our custom social networking Platform designed for local business networking. All upgraded listings at HometownHawk.com (Featured & Premium) gain access to a business account, allowing them to post freely on the platform. Anyone from the public can create a “General Account” and react and comment to posts, but only “Business Accounts” can actually post on the network. Here are some highlights of • Social

  • create a group for your product/brand
  • local businesses social networking
  • schedule posts
  • follow other members
  • private messaging
  • receives top priority from Hometown Hawk promotional shows and social media channels

Account Managers are available for all Premium listings at Hometown Hawk. This feature requires direct communication between the AM (Account Manager) and the listing owner. Premium Listings receive direct access to AM’s via the “Private Messaging” feature built into • Social. 

In short, Hometown Hawk • Social acts as the hub for all Hometown Hawk promotions. For example, when a business account holder posts an update, it receives the highest priority of promotional value. Updates posted on • Social will be promoted throughout the network, including the YouTube series “Tawking Hawk” and “The WOA Show”, along with all Hometown Hawk social media accounts.

We also post all platform marketing updates on • Social including event announcements (like trade shows, networking events).